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photo of Debbie Tyler Debbie Tyler is on a mission. It all started after suffering from a sudden autoimmune illness that left her incapacitated and suffering from a disfiguring rash. After consulting with more than 20 doctors including the best dermatologists, pulmonologists and rheumatologists in the greater NYC area, she was left with no definitive diagnosis. Debbie decided to take matters into her own hands and get to the root cause of her suffering. With the help of others, Debbie healed herself with nutrition. Now, with the knowledge she gained, she is set on helping others heal themselves, prevent illness and just BE HEALTHY!

Debbie is the owner of Bright Eyed Health; a wellness through nutrition company dedicated to her passion of helping others. Her mission is to educate others about the nutritional value of food choices and how to cook healthy meals for themselves and their families.

Debbie is an accredited Certified Natural Chef graduating from the Natural Kitchen Cooking School in Princeton, NJ. As a mother of two daughters, she is passionate about changing the way children eat. She was trained as a Wellness Champion though a grant from the Rutgers Cooperative Extension and has taught nutrition and cooking classes to elementary school students. She is now campaigning to change school lunches to serve healthier food.

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